The clothing story of Elvstrøm

The 1980 Collection of Elvstrøm

The legendary Elvstrøm Watches

Launched in the 1980s as a complement to the sailor who wanted a stylish watch with a built-in countdown function for the racing course. The watch was based on a collaboration between Lémania and Elvstrøm and was exclusively distributed.

Back in the time, the watch was often seen among sailors in many European regattas, and through the current retro wave for classic timepieces, it is back in high demand among sailors and enthusiasts all over the world.

The Lémania built watches from the 80’s measures 42 mm in diameter and they are 15 mm thick. The watches are also waterproof and can withstand up to 100 metres of submersion.

Elvstrøm SailWear is a comeback to sailing inspired leisurewear for Elvstrøm Sails. Through the 80’s, Elvstrøm Sails expanded heavily in sail production thanks to a new and rapidly growing scene for boatyards.

Elvstrøm Flagship store back in the days

Boatyards played an important role through these years as their yard expanded a lot in this period - and it led to great changes for Elvstrøm Sails, too.

Alongside sail production, the Elvstrøm clothing also took off. This led the company to collaborate with the Swiss watchmaker Lémania on the now legendary Elvstrøm watches.

Later, the license to produce crowned clothing was sold and ended up in Italy, where the Elvstrøm brand where synonymous with maritime fashion for many years.

Elvstrøm SailWear Today

In 2023, Elvstrøm Sails reclaimed the license for producing Elvstrøm-branded apparel, establishing the framework for a subsidiary named Elvstrøm SailWear. Elvstrøm SailWear reintroduces the iconic Elvstrøm-branded clothing line.

Elvstrøm SailWear SailWear launched a brand-new collection, featuring 19 thoughtfully curated styles designed for enthusiasts of the maritime lifestyle and the essence of yachting.

Heritage styles


Lightweight quilted body warmer
900,00 kr.


Fast dry T-shirt with short sleeves
400,00 kr.


Signature Crown Cap
250,00 kr.


Classic and elegant harbor jacket
1.200,00 kr.
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