Our approach to sustainability


To gain a certification from GOTS, the product must meet four different standards through its production and materials. This means that our products have to be produced from organic fibres, and the products must meet ecological and social criterias set by the GOTS.

The standards from GOTS apply for all stages of the process, and the continuous production under these standards must be verified and certified by a third party.

Our production process meets the standards of GOTS, and we are proud to work with a certified and organic production and supply chain.

We continuously strive to find sustainable solutions.
But we acknowledge that it is a journey and that we depend on partners in the industry.

In addition to the sailwear collection at Elvstrøm Sailwear, Elvstrøm Sails itself is continuously working for a more sustainable future in sail making.


Elvstrøm Sails has responded to the sustainability challenge on more parameters. EKKO is our commitment at Elvstrøm Sails to listen to nature and respond with a sustainable approach.

This is not just about the products we bring to market and the materials we use. It is the resources we use producing our products, e.g. electricity and heat, it is the indirect materials used for packaging, it is how we sort and reduce waste in general, it's the working environment we create, and the list of initiatives and possibilities goes on.

This is a way of living and a mindset. And with our Danish heritage it comes as the only natural response.

Learn more about our approach at Elvstrøm Sails.

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