The Elvstrøm philosophy

The Collection

Elvstrøm SailWear is made by sailors for sailors. Our inspiration comes from the dedicated sailors – from the cruiser dreaming of crossing oceans to the club racer who is in the constant strive to find the crucial last tenths of a second.

The crown is dedicated to the sailors who share the passion for yachting, sailing pleasure – and the ones who know that moment counts, whether it is savoring precious moments afloat or racing towards achieving your moment of glory.

A collection inspired by the life on board with a twist of the Paul Elvstrøm legacy fitted into every single style.

All styles are named after the cities and years Paul Elvstrøm made his legendary results on the way to becoming one of the most-winning sailors of all time.

With Elvstrøm Sailwear, you will get to wear a little piece of sailing history, and we hope you will have many Crowned Moments with your new Elvstrøm Sailwear.

The contribution

Sails are nothing without sailors. We know that!

Having equipped yachts with sails for decades, now is the time to equip sailors with SailWear - in the spirit of sailing.

Elvstrøm Sails has been in the world of casual and sailing inspired clothing before, and through the mid- to late eighties, the brand offered a strong lineup in sail wear.

The lineup also included watches which later have turned legendary - the Lemania-built Elvstrøm watches. Now is the time due for a revival of an Elvstrøm Sails apparel collection.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of sailing!

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